Options for missing Teeth

For many people that are missing teeth, they don’t realize the problems that are associated with this. Sure, you might speak to your Kennewick dentist about not being able to eat certain foods, or even your smile, but there are other problems as well, such as the structure of your jaw changing, and it can even lead to more infections and bodily issues. There are various options for replacing the missing teeth, but what’s the right one for you? well, you’re about to find out some of the options and the benefits of each of them.

Why should you replace these though? Well, we did talk about how it helps you chew and speak, but they’re also placeholders as well. That’s what teeth are, they’re holding a place. If they’re missing, teeth begin to move, and that’s when bite problems come about. The gum tissue will also deteriorate, which makes the other teeth weaker, which then leads to even more tooth loss, so in essence, every single tooth counts.

Now you got a few options for this, and really it depends on your budget and the health of yourself and your teeth, along with personal choice. You can talk to your Kennewick dentist about which one is the best for you. There are typically three primary options, an implant, bridge, or dentures, and each one of them is a different process, different treatment time, and a different cost. So they do provide different results in each case.

Now implants, they’re really the best options for restoring functions, aesthetics, and comfort. The teeth aren’t changed, and there isn’t any healthy teeth damage, and they often are very durable. It’s an artificial replacement that is put on the jaw and a porcelain crown is put on top. Now, one advantage of this is that they do prevent bone loss by creating a root replacement. They can be done in a singular visit. However, they do cost a lot, so they definitely are something you might want to consider in terms of cost.

Now, there is also the bridge which requires a cement to affix these together, so it will help to bridge the gaps. These are good for those that need something right away but don’t have healthy and adequate bone tissue. Dental implants require both of those things, so it might not be an option. A bridge often looms and functions like natural teeth. It is set permanently in place, and it won’t need to be removed or cleaned, and you won’t need to worry about it slipping. Now, if cost is a particular part of this, then it’s important to note that these cost less than implants, so you might want these if you’re considering costs.

Finally, there are dentists, and while these are often given a bad name, this is actually the least expensive option for those that need multiple upper and lower teeth to replace. It’s good for those that need a lot of teeth to be replaced, and not only that, they are removable, so you can clean and brush, and it is simple to take care f. you do need repairs occasionally, but they don’t take too long, and if you take care of them for a long time, they can last you. They are very natural and function like real teeth. You can even combine this by getting implanted dentures or overdentures that are affixed into place. In essence, these are versatile and often the option that those that have lost a lot of teeth go to.

Now, the choice is yours on what you do with this. You need to talk with your dentist about which will be best for you, based on your overall gum and mouth health. Each one will give you a chance to eat whatever you want and to have a confident smile, so you should definitely consider one of these. do think about your budget, the availability of your schedules, and even your oral health state. You should have a good idea of all three of these factors before you begin with this, since it’ll allow you to have the best and greatest oral health you can have.


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